bean soup

bean soup

Bean Soup

Bean soup may seem like it needs to simmer all day to experience the medley of developed flavors that makes soup delicious, but it can actually be a very flexible meal perfect for a weekly menu repertoire. With a large variety of beans and styles available in the grocery store, bean soup can easily become more or less complicated depending on your needs and the ingredients you already have on hand.

Dried beans may take more time to prepare (soaking, boiling), yet they are an affordable pantry staple that can result in a delicious soup filled with other ingredients or enjoyed simply with a few easy pantry items. Black, kidney, navy, butter and garbanzos are just some of the many beans that add protein and depth to any soup with even the smallest grocery budget.

Though beans can be purchased for mere change, adding them to your soups and stews does not make them any less tasty and even elegant. Pureed beans can add creamy texture, while adding a diverse array of your favorites can create a calico bowl of delicious heartiness. Vegetables, meat, spices and herbs can add to the delectable base of bean soup and transform each dish, taking those enjoying your creation anywhere from Cuba to Mexico to Italy. Changing the spices used and beans desired can develop creations that range from a bean based minestrone to a white bean and Italian sausage soup.

Despite the simplicity of beans and the affordability they offer within any grocery budget, creating a simple, hearty and filling meal for your family can be easy and delicious with the addition of any bean soup. The perfect marriage of protein and carbohydrates married with flavor and creaminess: bean soup is a diverse and flexible addition to your menu plan.

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