Bisque is the French word for any creamy, pureed soup. Classic bisque is made with seafood and there are hundreds of delicious recipes for crab bisque, lobster bisque, and shrimp bisque. Vegetable bisque has also grown quite popular and some favorites include tomato and butternut squash – although the possibilities and variations are endless. Once you learn the basic preparation method, you can experiment with any variety of seafood or vegetables. Herbs can also intensify the aroma and flavor of great bisque.

A traditional preparation is given adequate time to simmer as the flavors develop to their fullest extent. It is then removed from the stove, pureed, and returned to the stove where it is thickened with heavy cream, milk, or half-and- half, which renders it thick and silky. The end result is soup that is very rich in flavor with a smooth, even texture.

Bisque can be frozen and easily thawed and reheated for a delicious, quick and satisfying meal anytime. Garnish your delicious soup with freshly cracked black pepper, a spoonful of sour cream, or a sprinkling of fresh, chopped herbs. A warm piece of bread is the perfect compliment for a bowl of homemade bisque, but you might be too busy eating spoonful after spoonful of your silky concoction to pay it any attention.

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