broccoli cheese soup

broccoli cheese soup

Broccoli Cheese Soup

Broccoli and cheese seem to marry together in a way that is incredibly complimentary, like cookies and milk or peanut butter and jelly. While broccoli is fantastic drizzle with a creamy cheese sauce, the flavors meld together in a magnificent way when combined in a hearty, steamy mug of soup.

Broccoli and cheese soup combines the tender, earthy flavor and texture of the small, tree-like stalks of broccoli with the creamy, salty and edgy flavors of cheese. While cheddar seems to be one of the most suited matches to broccoli and the resulting soup, other cheeses are often used in the array of recipes available.

Most often, a roux, or combination of fat and flour, is the prerequisite to the creation of a creamy and irresistible cup of broccoli cheese soup. Combining the roux with cream, milk and broccoli while adding a sharp, flavorful cheese, often results in a soup that cannot be ignored and provides the perfect relief for a cold day or even a chilly mood. Often, in place of a roux and homemade cheese sauce, broccoli cheese soup can be made with processed cheese product, which yields an even creamier result.

Whether using frozen broccoli or fresh florets, processed cheese or natural cheddar, the resulting product of creamy, homey and comforting soup warms the soul and is perfect on its own, sprinkled with extra cheese, or accompanied by a crunchy chunk of a buttered baguette.

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