broccoli soup

broccoli soup

Broccoli Soup

There are as many soup recipes out there as there are cooks; soup is an enduring favorite that is quite popular year round, though the peak season for soup consumption is the colder months.

Almost all vegetables do well in a soup but some are better than others. Broccoli does particularly well due to its ability to both flavor the entire soup and also to meld with other flavors in the pot. Broccoli has a sweet and herbal flavor that is especially well matched to dairy such as milk, cream and cheese. Broccoli is mild enough to play well with the smooth, creamy dairy notes yet has a distinctive flavor all its own.

Fresh broccoli is in its peak season from October to April; during the off season frozen broccoli is a natural choice, especially for use in soup. When purchasing fresh broccoli look for firm, substantial stalks that are not rubbery. The head of the broccoli, the florets, should be packed in tight clusters. Avoid yellow florets; they turn yellow when past their prime.

In most recipes broccoli is not added at the beginning of the cooking process to help maintain its color and firmness though there are some exceptions such as broccoli cheese soups which often cook the broccoli down substantially.

Broccoli is a significant source of beta carotene and other nutrients; it makes an excellent addition to the diet. Soups are an easy way to include this healthy vegetable in everyday eating.

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