butternut squash soup

butternut squash soup

Butternut Squash Soup

Creamy, hearty and elegant, butternut squash soup may conjure up images of Thanksgiving and the coming of Autumn. But while the flavorful and hearty soup may often be associated with the season of Fall, it can actually be a delicious addition to any menu, as a standalone meal accompanied with salad and rolls, or as the soup course when wowing your friends and family with simple cultivation.

In addition to highlighting the creamy and complex natural flavors of the butternut squash, the soup is also a very affordable and healthy way of serving the vegetable. Roasting the meat of the butternut can be a great way to insure a more complex, layered flavor within your soup, as the caramelization of the squash creates a sweet softness perfect served pureed of chunky as a soup.

Some recipes transform the earthiness of the butternut squash and make it creamy and rich with the addition of ingredients like butter and cream. While some styles of butternut squash soup are served elegantly pureed, others are served in a more chunky and rustic style, suiting the individual needs of those serving and enjoying the sunny, robust flesh of the vegetable. The addition of other vegetables, like onion, carrot, celery and even herbs and spices can take the simple soup to the next level, introducing diners to a mosaic of flavors, with the butternut serving as the star attraction.

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