corn soup

corn soup

Corn Soup

Corn soup is the perfect summer soup that is easy to prepare and bursts with flavor. Corn is an all American vegetable that is plentiful in the summer. Why not treat yourself to a rich, hearty corn soup that is sure to satisfy your stomach and your wallet. Each ingredient is easy to find at your grocery store. Fresh corn from the produce aisle will result in a soup that is bursting with fresh, sweet flavor. You may opt for either white or yellow corn ears, as either one will result in a delectable outcome. Corn soup can also be prepared with either canned or frozen corn, which can help save time and will also result in a treat for your taste buds. Another great place to find the perfect corn for your corn soup is to visit your local farmer’s market, where the corn will be particularly sweet and fresh.

Corn soup allows for a lot of creativity, as it the corn itself can be roasted, creamed, pureed, or left intact. You may want your corn soup to have south western flair and spice, or you can give it an Asian flair by adding lemongrass. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this versatile soup, so feel free to add you own bold flavors to create a classic that your family will love.

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