crab soup

crab soup

Crab Soup

Thinking of making a crab soup? There are dozens of different crab soups, many representing the unique culture of a region, and even some with interesting stories to go along with their delicious flavor.

The Chesapeake Bay boasts the ever-popular Maryland Crab Soup, a hearty tomato vegetable soup with hints of Maryland’s famous Old Bay seasoning. Charleston, South Carolina is known as the birthplace of She Crab Soup, invented in the early 1900s to impress President William Howard Taft. You may want to try a Cajun-style recipe from colorful Louisiana, where the soups are much spicier than their South Carolina counterparts.

Some recipes may call for a specific type of the popular shellfish, such as king or blue crab, but you can always just choose the type of soup you want to go with your meal, and use what you have on hand. The delicate flavor of a bisque highlights the subtle taste of the crab meat; or, if you want a rich, thick dish, cream of crab is starchy and satisfying. For a dish that’s a meal by itself, try a hearty chowder served with crusty bread. Whichever recipe you choose, crab soup is always sure to please.

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