french onion soup

french onion soup

French Onion Soup

Soup is an essential part of almost every cuisine. Nearly every culture has a couple of soups that they are famous for. It is no wonder soup is so popular. It has many different personalities. It can be warm and comforting, or cool and refreshing.

French Onion soup is one that is perfect for cold days. It warms the belly as it warms the soul. The soup itself is rich and delicious. Onions add a snap of flavor that keeps the broth interesting. Many recipes call for a slice of bread in the soup, adding another texture and more flavors. This also makes the soup more substantial, perfect for those who want to eat light yet stay full.

Most people feel that the dish is not complete without a delicious slice of cheese melted on top. The cheese, lightly browned, rounds out the different flavors found in the soup. The finished result is spectacular, making French Onion soup one of the most popular soups.

The amazing flavor of this soup isn’t the only thing that makes it so sought after. French Onion soup is simple and elegant without being bland. It is a rich, full-bodied soup that satisfies, even when served in small portions. It is easy to make at home and sure to please.

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