Gazpacho soup is a fabulously easy dish that is quick and satisfying. Gazpacho is a cold, tomato based soup that will cool you down at the end of a hot summer day. The ingredients are extremely budget friendly and easy to find. You can choose to make your gazpacho with either fresh tomatoes from the produce section, or with canned tomatoes from the canned food aisle, which will result in an equally rich flavor.

Because it is cold, the dish can easily be prepared in very little time. Including the tomatoes, ingredients such as cucumber, bread, olive oil, garlic, and herbs are all combined and either blended or pureed in a food processor. Just pour the blended gazpacho into a large bowl, cover and chill in the refrigerator, and portion into smaller bowls when ready to serve. The longer it chills inside your refrigerator, the further its natural flavors will develop. Gazpacho can be made ahead of time and chilled overnight, which will result in outstanding flavor.

Try garnishing your homemade gazpacho with a dollop of sour cream, fresh croutons, diced red onions, grated Parmesan cheese, or halved cherry tomatoes. Serve with a thick sourdough bread that can be used to soak up the tasty juices. Gazpacho soup is the perfect summer meal. Find your favorite recipe and introduce your family to this fast, affordable, and satisfying meal today.

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