ham soup

ham soup

Ham Soup

Ham soup is a hearty, classic soup that can become a staple in the kitchen. Practically every member of the family will enjoy a delicious ham and bean soup, for example. Ham and split pea is another traditional combination.

Ham soup can be seasoned in many ways. Thyme, oregano, chili powder, cumin, red pepper, bay leaf, savory, and dill are just a sampling of the many diverse spices that can be used to enhance the rich and savory flavor of ham when used in soup. Imagination is the limit.

Many vegetables can combine well with ham to create a variety of delicious soups that will make any meal special. Ham and potatoes work well together. Ham can also be combined with corn, cabbage, or pretty much whatever is in the kitchen. Many cooks have created culinary masterpieces by using ham broth as a base for fixing a quick and nutritious meal and using the vegetables readily at hand. Onions, carrots, and turnips are also vegetables to consider. Ham goes well with greens, too. It can be fun to add some collard greens to the soup pot for a Southern flavor.

For ham soup with some pleasant chewiness, grains such as barley or rice can be tasty additions. Ham or a ham bone can be simmered to create a hearty stock to freeze for future use.

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