hot and sour soup

hot and sour soup

Hot And Sour Soup

Hot and sour soup is one of the most unusual types of soup there is. It is full of different vegetables that few people eat regularly. Instead of being smooth and comforting, it is chunky, spicy and sour. It is for these many differences that hot and sour soup is so sought after. It is a culinary trip to another part of the world, another type of cuisine.

Hot and sour soup actually refers to a group of soups rather than an exact type. This amazing soup is prepared differently in various parts of the world. All versions retain the same sourness and spice, however. The typical American version is usually made with chicken or pork broth, although there are meatless versions. The broth is usually thicker than the traditional Chinese version.

Most hot and sour soup relies on unusual ingredients to lend it a different flavor. It is not uncommon to find the soup full of bamboo shoots, wood ear, cloud ear fungus and day lily buds. Many recipes also call for egg. The sour flavor usually comes from vinegar, while the secret spicy ingredient depends on the cook. Many chose to use white pepper to add a special kick. Other people frequently use red chilies to add spice.

Anyone wanting a soup that is out of the ordinary will love hot and sour soup.

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