leek soup

leek soup

Leek Soup

Soups can be so different from one another. Some have a clear broth and are full of chunky bits of vegetables, meats, and pastas. Others are smooth and creamy, with subtle flavor variations and a filling consistency.

Leek soup usually fits into the latter category. By themselves, leeks can create a creamy soup that has a delicious, comforting flavor. It is a perfect soup for a winter day, or when looking for a reminder of home. Leek soup can also be light and healthy, perfect for those on a diet, or anyone who wants to eat well.

While leeks make a nice soup on their own, many choose to mix leeks with other foods to create a soup with different flavors or a creamier texture. Some choose to add potatoes, including russet, red and sweet potatoes. Each one adds its own flavors with that of the leek, making a completely new soup.

Others choose to make leek soup a little creamier by adding cream or cream cheese. This can make the soup richer, although many people find it unnecessary. It also adds a few more calories, which isn’t a big problem when the soup it eaten with moderation.

For the ultimate comfort soup, creamy leek soup takes first place. There is hardly a person who doesn’t enjoy the sweet buttery flavor of this delicious soup.

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