potato soup

potato soup

Potato Soup

When one thinks of fall and winter, or when the weather is chilly, one of the first warm foods that pop into the mind is potato soup. There is no other soup that bespeaks warmth and comfort than this classic.

One of the best parts of this well loved soup is that it is simple to make at home while yielding itself to many variations. It is easy for anyone to create their own special version of this staple soup. Some recipes even allow the soup to be made in the slow cooker, making preparation even easier.

All potato soups start with the basics: potatoes, butter, milk and a little stock. While this, on its own, is absolutely delicious, there many different ingredients one can add to take a simple potato soup to the next level. Ham, bacon, cheese, spices and herbs all lend a wonderful new flavor to the simple soup. The best part is that these simple additions, while adding their own taste, don’t detract from the original potato flavor.

Potato soup doesn’t have to be made purely with potatoes. Pumpkins, leeks and zucchini, when creamed, add a special touch to the soup. Other vegetables also go well with the dish. It is all a matter of personal taste.

Try one of our delicious recipes, make up a batch, and dream of home.

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