sausage soup

sausage soup

Sausage Soup

A simple sausage soup can be as individual as the cook who creates it. Sausage soup can range from a mildly warming concoction to a spicy combination of flavors, colors, and textures. Many types of sausage are available that can be used in soups.

Sausage can come in a casing or be ground. Either form makes an excellent sausage soup. Cabbage, carrots, green beans, onions, garlic, tomatoes, or lentils can all work well in this sort of soup. Chicken-apple sausage can be used to create a gentle blend of spiciness and sweetness in the broth. Sausage may be made from beef, pork, turkey, chicken, or soy. Sometimes one of these substances is combined with another to make a special variety of sausage with mixed protein sources.

A little bit of corn, pasta, or rice can add interest to this dish. Diced tomatoes or tomato paste or sauce can enliven the broth and add color and flavor. It is possible to get inventive and substitute sausage for any other meat in a soup recipe. Bean soup recipes can become interesting starting points for the dish, too. The bean and sausage flavors meld well together. Polish sausage is a very hearty sausage to use in a soup. Potatoes or cabbage combine well with it. Sausage comes in all price ranges and works well in various soups.

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