seafood soup

seafood soup

Seafood Soup

Seafood soup can contain a number of exciting ingredients. Clams, fish, shrimp, and lobster are just a few seafood items that can form the basis for a delightful seafood soup. This sort of soup has traditionally been served where seafood has been plentiful, along coastlines and near various bodies of water where fishing has always been a way of life. However, this type of soup has become rather popular and now can be found practically everywhere.

It can be fun to explore types of seafood soup that are found in different cuisines. Vietnamese seafood soup is very different from the clam chowder typically found in the northeastern United States, for example. From Italy to China, there are many fascinating soups worldwide that feature seafood.

Some soups made from seafood have a cream base. Others feature a broth base. Bisques, chowders, stews, and gumbos are among the wide assortment of soups that can be made from seafood. Gumbo is particularly interesting. It seems to have just a little bit of everything thrown into the mixture to create an amazingly harmonious blend of flavors.

Seafood ranges widely in price. There is usually something that can fit most budgets. One can experiment by substituting seafood for another protein source in many soup recipes. This means the possibilities for soups featuring seafood are practically endless and virtually always delicious.

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