squash soup

squash soup

Squash Soup

Squash soup is a flavorful addition to any meal. One can use summer squash or winter squash. Winter squash can lend a brilliant orange or attractive yellow burst of nutrition to any soup. It is usually cooked and pureed to make a thick and creamy soup. Pieces of summer squash are typically used in broth-based squash soup or as an addition to another soup.

When making a creamy soup, there are several methods one can try. Cream, milk, soy milk, rice milk, almond milk, or half and half can all help lend a velvety texture to a squash soup. A smooth puree of the squash itself can make a satisfying texture for soup, too, without added dairy or dairy substitutes.

Soup made from squash can be sweet or savory. It might be fun to experiment with a sweet soup using winter squash and pumpkin pie spice with a hint of honey, brown sugar, or stevia. A savory squash soup can be made with winter squash and spices such as onion or garlic powder, celery seed, tarragon, or mustard. Savory soups made from summer squash often feature Italian seasonings and tomatoes, onions, beans, and even pasta.

One can get very creative with different ways to create and enjoy soups made from squash. This is one of the best uses available for extra garden zucchini, too!

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