taco soup

taco soup

Taco Soup

Taco soup is a hearty, versatile soup with the strong flavors of Mexico. The dish combines the key ingredients of tacos into a thick, stew-like soup. Vegetables like corn, tomatoes, and a variety of beans add nutrients and heartiness to the soup, and the dish could easily be a main course. Traditionally made with ground beef, the dish can easily be made with shredded chicken, steak, or ground turkey. Common seasonings include cilantro, chili, lime, and mixed taco seasonings.

Hosting an event? Having a crowd over? Taco soup is a great choice for groups! Taco soup recipes are some of the easiest to make with no cooking knowledge needed; most recipes call for simple ingredients like canned vegetables, powered seasoning mixes, and meat. The recipe can easily be made in a slow cooker; simple put in the ingredients, and let cook. Taco soup made in a standard sized crock pot can easily serve a crowd, and the recipe is simple to adjust for different sizes.

A lot of variety is possible with this dish. The recipe is great as a vegetarian meal with the meat excluded; the soup’s beans and vegetables still provide protein. For picky eaters, the soup can be made with the most basic ingredients, then each person can customize by adding in jalapenos, shredded cheese, spices, sour cream, tortilla chips, and meat.

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