tortilla soup

tortilla soup

Tortilla Soup

Every culture has a favorite soup. This recipe is often modified when it makes its way to the United States. The end result is sometimes even better than the original. This is true of tortilla soup, which has evolved into a wonderful dish that is sure to please.

At its most basic level, the dish is chicken broth with fried bits of tortillas dropped in it. There are, however, many different variations that are a delicious treat for the mouth. Who doesn’t love the crunch of fried corn tortillas in a rich soup base?

The vast majority of tortilla soups feature tomatoes. They infuse the basic soup with a nice flavor and add a beautiful splash of color. Many recipes also add a touch of spice with chilies. There are many different varieties of chilies that may be used, depending on the level of spice the cook is looking for. All add a subtle flavor of their own.

The additional ingredients that may be added depend on taste. Many versions add chicken, cilantro and onion, among other things. When ready to serve, the soup can be garnished with cheese, avocado and lime juice. The result is a treat for the senses, combining spice, rich flavors and different textures.

Tortilla soup is easy to make and different from any other soup. It is the perfect meal to make tonight.

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