turkey soup

turkey soup

Turkey Soup

Turkey soup is one of the tastiest and most often overlooked types of soup. Of course it is wise to make soup from leftover turkey. However, turkey is both delicious and a healthful food. Making mouth-watering varieties of turkey soup is one excellent way to get more turkey into one’s diet.

With leftover turkey, one can create broth from the carcass to store, freeze, and use when convenient. Turkey can also be cubed to go into a standard soup such as turkey and rice. When making turkey and rice soup, one can use different varieties of rice to make things interesting. Any recipe for chicken soup can easily be adapted to create an enticing turkey soup. Turkey and dumpling soup is another excellent option. This can put a fresh spin on old family favorites.

With the availability of ground turkey, one can make turkey meatball soup. Any soup recipe that uses ground beef can be changed to include ground turkey.

Turkey soup that includes vegetables is also satisfying, no matter what form of turkey meat one uses. Carrots, celery, corn, and peas are just a few of the vegetables that would taste great with turkey in a soup. Barley is terrific in any broth-based soup and lends extra flavor and nutrition. Cream of turkey soup is another option that is too good to be missed.

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