vegetable beef soup

vegetable beef soup

Vegetable Beef Soup

To eat a bowl of vegetable beef soup is to be strengthened and revitalized. The smell alone is simply heavenly. This awesome soup can be a full meal in and of itself. It is also wonderful served just before a meal or with salad, bread, and cheese. This is a truly versatile soup which can be made thin or thick and with just about any vegetables one might have in the garden or kitchen.

To make vegetable beef soup thicker, one may add tiny amounts of flour or cornstarch. Other ways to thicken this soup include adding potatoes, pasta, or barley. A rich stew with vegetables and beef can be very satisfying. It is nearly certain to garner the cook many compliments and requests for second helpings.

This soup, whether gravy-like or with a savory broth, can be made with chunks of beef or even ground beef. This is a soup that works extremely well with carrots, potatoes, and peas. Lima beans might make another worthwhile addition.

Making such a soup can be a creative way to use kitchen leftovers. It is nearly impossible to imagine anyone not liking vegetable beef soup. It is an extremely gratifying dish to prepare, since others tend to be quite appreciative of the cook’s efforts.

This is a delicious, savory soup that is destined to become a family favorite.

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